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Asda loses its appeal in the initial stages of a multiple equal pay case

Asda has been in the news recently regarding an equal pay case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”).  The case has been brought by a group of predominantly female shop workers who are claiming equal pay to a group of largely male distribution workers.  Asda appealed an employment tribunal decision on a preliminary issue relating […]

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Childcare Vouchers

The EAT has held that there is no statutory obligation to continue provide childcare vouchers under salary sacrifice scheme during maternity leave Many employers provide employees with childcare vouchers as a benefit of their employment, usually by way of a “salary sacrifice” arrangement, which has certain tax and NIC advantages to both parties. During ordinary […]

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Discriminatory Adverts

Discriminatory Adverts The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has published guidance for employers in relation to advertising goods, facilities and services. They have also published a checklist and FAQs. Here are links to the relevant documents: guidance checklist FAQs When the Equality Act came into force, there was a lot of talk about discriminatory […]

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