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Typically, small and medium sized businesses do not command the same discounted rates that are generally in place between the big firms and their top clients. This means that they are faced with a difficult decision – pay top rates for quality advice or compromise on quality in order to cut costs. In our experience, clients who go for the latter often end up getting their fingers burnt and reverting to the big firms, either because the advice is uncommercial and risk averse, or because they have found themselves facing an employment tribunal.

Those who do opt to engage one of the big firms often end up overlooked in the quest to secure big name clients. This means that, often, smaller businesses do not get the same attentive service that the big firms offer to their key clients, and they are paying significantly more for it.

At Analysis Legal, as a team of qualified employment law solicitors, we provide a solution to this problem. Delivering high quality advice, attentive service and competitive rates to clients across Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and beyond.

Our business services

We have complete flexibility on the services we offer and we can tailor a package to suit the needs of your business. We can offer you helpline arrangements, giving you unlimited access to our dedicated employment law team for day-to-day HR queries. Employment Tribunal support where we can either take full responsibility for managing employment tribunal claims so that they are “off your desk” or provide support as needed if you prefer to manage claims in-house. We work on the basis of fixed and capped fees giving you certainty so you don’t need to worry about spiraling legal bills.

Strategic advice and practical support in relation to specific projects, identifying and managing risks in connection with complex HR cases and organisational change. Employment law surgeries through regular or ad hoc appointments to discuss ongoing HR matters. Contract and policy reviews ensuring your employment contracts and policies and procedures are up to date and reflect current practice and the needs of your business.

Case file reviews, we review closed cases to identify training needs and lessons learned. Fixed fee retainers, taking care of all your employment needs giving you complete certainty on cost. We have experience of working ‘in-house’ and can work in your business on a mini-secondment basis to cover a gap or need, such as where your in-house lawyer is absent for an extended period.

Why choose Analysis Legal?

As a specialist employment law practice, we deal with all aspects of employment contracts and the law. We realise that running a business can often be stressful, leaving little time for dealing with the legalities of employing staff.

Nevertheless, contractual issues cannot be ignored and our aim is to relieve you of this time-consuming burden. Through enlisting our help, your needs will be managed by one of our experienced Employment Law Solicitors, meaning you can rest assured that you always have access to quality advice on employment contracts and all other aspects of the law.

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We provide a tailored service which considers you and your specific requirements to any case we take on.


We talk you through both the progress and the next steps of a case using plain English rather than legal jargon.


Analysis Legal LLP is fully accredited and achieved the status of a leading firm in the Legal 500 directory since 2016.

The Analysis Legal team

We have many key individuals within the firm, all of them playing their part in ensuring the things that matter to you work.

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